Erythrose Defeat Cancer
Erythrose Defeat Cancer

About Us

This project is started by Xingnong Wang (Ph.D.) in 2008. The initial experiments were done with British Columbia Preclinical Research Consortium (BCPRC), Stemcell Technology, etc.

For cell line experiments, Erythrose interrupts cell viability test using MTT and MTS. Trypan blue is used.

Based on cell biology. Erythrose is the only opportunity for us to defeat cancer. Cell division is trigggered by repair and renew machenism in organism.

I believe human are intelligent, we will overcome all obstacles to manage cancer.

The journey is not just cancer, but humanities. Alone or not alone. One day we will manage cancer.


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Lili Liu, Tao Yi and Xia Zhao 2015. Antitumor effect of D-Erythrose in an abdominal metastatic model of colon carcinoma ONCOLOGY LETTERS 9: 769-773, 2015.

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